Friday, August 28, 2009

Week 2 - Complete!!

Hello Middle School Social Studies Students!

Congratulations - we have completed the second week of school and we are off to a great start! I'm posting your homework for the weekend here --- if you want to earn some extra credit, leave a comment telling me what you are MOST excited to learn about this year in your Social Studies class :)

6th Grade -
1.3 notes are due Monday. Make sure to follow proper format! (see your 1.1 notes, or ask an older/returning student if you aren't sure!)

7th Grade -
We have our Chapter 1 Test on Monday - use your review questions, review sheet, class notes, and to help you prepare. If you want to review with me, you can come up Monday morning at 7:30am.

8th Grade-
Your compare/contrast essay about the Preamble to the US Constitution and the PSM Mission Statement is due on Monday. It is a project grade worth 25 points -- 5 pts each for: 1) background of each document, 2) audience of each 3) purpose of each 4) meaning of each and 5) language mechanics/spelling. The essay should be at LEAST 3 paragraphs -- opening, body, and closing. Your essay may take on a lengthier format - for example, 1 paragraph for opening, each topic, and the closing. Please email me with any questions!

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday :)

~ Ms. Michalak


  1. Hi Ms. Michalak,
    I am most excited to learn every amendment of the Constitution.

    Vicari S.

  2. I am most excited about learing new stuff and getting good grades.

    Amber H.

  3. hi ms.michalk
    4th week of school after ptc (parent teacher confrences) first quater almost over