Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break Extra Credit

There are two Spring Break extra credit options for this week:

Part One: Current Events Quiz (10pts, 1pt for each correct answer)
Using CNN Student News website, answer this week's Current Events Quiz. You can find the quiz by clicking HERE. Please send me an email with your answers.

Part Two: Creating your own Current Events Quiz (up to 15pts)
Create a quiz about news stories/events that have happened over the last month. Your quiz should include both national and international events as well as an answer key. It can consist of multiple choice and/or short answer questions. Basic "knowledge level" questions (like the ones on the CNN Student News quiz) will be worth 1pt each. Higher level thinking questions will be worth more points. You can either type your quiz as a document and attach it to an email, or just type it directly into an email.

Both options are due before we return to school on Monday, May 2nd.

AAS Students* -
Just a reminder, you need to email me with your project topic, interviewee's name, and 10 questions you plan to ask in your interview by Monday! Many of you have yet to do this ... please don't be late! Email me if you have questions/are having troubles with any part of this assignment.

Enjoy your Spring Break, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break!

Congratulations everyone - we made it to Spring Break! I hope you enjoyed the Easter Assembly this morning :) In this post, you will find homework (if your class has any. Stay tuned - I will post the extra credit options on Saturday! As always, leave a comment or email me if you have any questions. Enjoy your break!

6th Grade:
Homework: Read and take notes on Chapter 14, Section 1. Answer review questions #3-5 on looseleaf.

7th Grade:
Homework: Create a biography of a fictional Civil War Soldier (Union or Confederate, your choice). Include a hand drawn picture of your soldier along with their state, date of birth, age, job at home, family members, reason for joining the army, and 2 interesting facts about them.

8th Grade:
No homework, but check back tomorrow for the extra credit assignment!

Homework: Be working on your Oral History Project. If you have not already done so, you need to email me with your topic, name of interviewee, and 10 interview questions by MONDAY< April 25th!
*Your interview should be completed by the time you come to class on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

8th Gr Homework April 19th

29.2: War Expands in Vietnam

1.Compare the American soldiers in the Revolutionary War and the Viet Cong fighters in Vietnam. (3pts)
2.What were some of the problems that American soldiers faced? (3pts)
3.Describe the effects of the US strategy of destroying land and villages that hid the Viet Cong. (3pts)
4.What advantages did the Communists gain by attacking on a holiday? (3pts)
5.Explain (clearly) how the Tet Offensive changed the course of the war. (4pts)

Monday, April 18, 2011

7th and 8th Grade Homework: April 18th

Here are the questions for the 7th and 8th grade homework tonight (due tmrw, 4/19):

7SS - Chaper 16, Section 2: Life in the Army
1.Suppose you are a soldier in the Civil War. Would you want your brothers or father to enlist and join you on the battlefield? Why or why not? (3pts)
2.Why would some soldiers take clothing off of dead soldiers after a battle? (3pts)
3.Identify reasons that men volunteered for the army. (4pts)
4.Why was disease responsible for so many deaths during the war? (3pts)
5.Explain two ways that the Civil War differed from earlier wars. (4pts)

8SS - Chapter 29, Section 1: The Cold War Roots of Conflict
1.What was the Berlin Wall, and why was it an important symbol to people in the USA and in Europe? (4pts)
2.Why did such a strong tension develop over Cuba? (3pts)
3.What choices did JFK have? What was the final result of the Cuban Missile Crisis? (5pts)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Middle School Extra Credit! Due April 18th

This week's extra credit option is going to continue our focus on current events. As you know, CNN Student News produces a daily news show and has a content-rich website covering both domestic and international news. This week's extra credit option is to complete a 10 question quiz about the news stories from this week.

You can find the quiz HERE.

You may use the website (Click here: CNN Student News) to complete the quiz - feel free to watch the archived episodes, or click on the links to read the stories about the topics the questions are focusing on.

You can either print the quiz, fill it in, and hand it to me on Monday (April 18) OR you can email me your answers anytime before Monday morning.

I'll also be here tomorrow for Saturday tutoring - so come see me in the 408 Lab if you have any questions!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AAS - Ch 19 Questions

African American Studies Homework for April 13th:
- Pg 494: APPARTS (Extra Credit)
- Chapter 19 Questions (see below)
- Cornell notes, pgs. 539-550
* All of these things are due when we meet again on Monday, April 18th!

Chapter 19 Questions:
(All of these questions can be answered by reading Ch 19 - read critically, and give thorough, complete answers!)
1.What is bebop? Include in your answer both a description and some of the artists. How was it received by whites? (5pts)
2.What is meant by “race film?” Who was the first African American to win an Oscar, when was it, and for what role? (4pts)
3.Describe the “Chicago Renaissance” and compare it with the Harlem Renaissance. (4pts)
4.What were the goals of black literature in the mid 1900s? (3pts)
5.Explain the role of either Joe Louis and/or Jackie Robinson in African American history. (4pts)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

8th Grade Extra Credit

As a part of our Modern Civil Rights Era unit, you have an opportunity for some extra credit. We are going to analyze a primary source using a method called APPARTS.

1) Read the document. You can find it HERE

2) In an email to me, or on a piece of looseleaf paper, fill in the following:
A - Author. Who created this document? Be specific.
P - Place and Time. When and where was it created?
P - Prior Knowledge. What do you already know about this time period?
A - Audience. Who is the intended audience of this document?
R - Reason. Why did the author create this document?
T - The main idea. What is the document about?
S - Significance. What is the lasting impact and effect of this document? SO WHAT? Why is it important?

If you have questions, see me! This assignment is due by Monday, April 11th.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

High schoolers, hard at work:

Armahd and Kyronda

Janise, Ashley, and Tyren