Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break Extra Credit

There are two Spring Break extra credit options for this week:

Part One: Current Events Quiz (10pts, 1pt for each correct answer)
Using CNN Student News website, answer this week's Current Events Quiz. You can find the quiz by clicking HERE. Please send me an email with your answers.

Part Two: Creating your own Current Events Quiz (up to 15pts)
Create a quiz about news stories/events that have happened over the last month. Your quiz should include both national and international events as well as an answer key. It can consist of multiple choice and/or short answer questions. Basic "knowledge level" questions (like the ones on the CNN Student News quiz) will be worth 1pt each. Higher level thinking questions will be worth more points. You can either type your quiz as a document and attach it to an email, or just type it directly into an email.

Both options are due before we return to school on Monday, May 2nd.

AAS Students* -
Just a reminder, you need to email me with your project topic, interviewee's name, and 10 questions you plan to ask in your interview by Monday! Many of you have yet to do this ... please don't be late! Email me if you have questions/are having troubles with any part of this assignment.

Enjoy your Spring Break, and please let me know if you have any questions!

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