Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AAS - Ch 19 Questions

African American Studies Homework for April 13th:
- Pg 494: APPARTS (Extra Credit)
- Chapter 19 Questions (see below)
- Cornell notes, pgs. 539-550
* All of these things are due when we meet again on Monday, April 18th!

Chapter 19 Questions:
(All of these questions can be answered by reading Ch 19 - read critically, and give thorough, complete answers!)
1.What is bebop? Include in your answer both a description and some of the artists. How was it received by whites? (5pts)
2.What is meant by “race film?” Who was the first African American to win an Oscar, when was it, and for what role? (4pts)
3.Describe the “Chicago Renaissance” and compare it with the Harlem Renaissance. (4pts)
4.What were the goals of black literature in the mid 1900s? (3pts)
5.Explain the role of either Joe Louis and/or Jackie Robinson in African American history. (4pts)

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