Tuesday, April 19, 2011

8th Gr Homework April 19th

29.2: War Expands in Vietnam

1.Compare the American soldiers in the Revolutionary War and the Viet Cong fighters in Vietnam. (3pts)
2.What were some of the problems that American soldiers faced? (3pts)
3.Describe the effects of the US strategy of destroying land and villages that hid the Viet Cong. (3pts)
4.What advantages did the Communists gain by attacking on a holiday? (3pts)
5.Explain (clearly) how the Tet Offensive changed the course of the war. (4pts)


  1. Hi Ms. Michalak. This is Jessica. I was wondering if TaNerykah Nia and I couls get an extension on our Social Studies Project. Nobody in our group has their book and the questions we did have have gone missing. We would like to know if we could give this too you by the end of the day.