Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday! / 7SS ECO

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

- Remember that we do not have school on Monday. I'll see you Tuesday morning bright and early, cheerful, with all of your homework completed :)

7th Graders, read below for an extra credit opportunity:
- Log into
- Select your textbook, then use the pull down menu in the left corner to select Chapter 2
- Click "Animated Maps"
- Click on the 3rd one: "Chapter Two: North America"

There is a series of questions on 4 different slides. You should write down the answers to each of the questions. You may either email them to me ( or write them down on looseleaf and bring them in on Tuesday morning.

- Using the yellow arrow in the top right corner, go through each of the 4 slides
- Answer each of the questions (email or looseleaf). For slide #4, it tells you to move around to a corner of the room - don't do that! Just select one of the 4 options, and explain why you chose that one.

Email me if you have any questions!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone :)

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