Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Homework/Extra Credit: Oct 22nd-24th

Hello! Here is the weekend homework:

6th Graders:
- I'll be checking 5.1 notes in on Monday, Oct 25th
- Current Event #2 is due on Wednesday, Oct 27th - get a head start and do it over the weekend! (Reminder: Event must take place OUTSIDE of Chicago)
- EXTRA CREDIT: NewsWatch! 30 mins, 4 stories (Detail about each one), Channel, Parent Signature. Due Monday.

7th Graders:
- 5.1 notes due Monday, Oct 25th  .... and get excited for an upcoming project!

8th Graders:
- Chapter 18 Test is on MONDAY, Oct 25th. You have a review sheet, so please use it and study! Email me if you have any questions.
- EXTRA CREDIT: Create a visual diagram showing the cycle of sharecropping. It should have both words and pictures that clearly explain each step. Please do this on plain white paper, no pencil lines should be showing! Use color/ink, and put your heading on the front of the paper.

Extra Credit Reminder (for everyone): A box of kleenex = 5pts! Redeemable once per quarter.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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