Monday, February 23, 2009

Exams are coming up

3rd Quarter Exams start two weeks from tomorrow - NOW is a good time to start preparing!

Exam schedule:
Monday, March 9th: Regular day of school
Tuesday, March 10th: 1st, 2nd period exams. Dismissal: 10:45am
Wednesday, March 11th: 3rd, 4/5th, 6th period exams. Dismissal: 12:15pm
Thursday, March 12th: 7th, 8th period exams. Dismissal: 10:45am.
Friday, March 13th: No Classes!!! Enjoy the time off, and get ready for a busy and exciting 4th quarter!

If you have any questions, please come talk to me, send me an email, or comment here on the blog. Tutoring will be held as usual in my room on Tuesday, February 24th and Tuesday, March 3rd.

Review sheets will be coming towards the end of next week ...

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  1. Channah C.
    I think this is great that you let everyone know that they have a test to study for. So you don't have to waste your time explaining it to everyone.