Monday, April 27, 2009

7th Gr - EXTRA CREDIT Opportunity

Hello 7th graders!

Sorry about the delay in my posting - I know some of you were looking for it on Saturday, but thank you for being patient with me while I had the flu! As promised - here is your last extra credit opportunity for the quarter (and the school year!)

First, just let me say - there are some *REALLY* cool books out there about the Civil War. With that in mind:

- Read a novel about the Civil War.
- Present a summary of the book in a format of your choice.
- Critique the book for an audience of teachers.

1) Choose a book, and approve your choice with Ms. Michalak.
There are two websites that have very long lists of novels about the Civil War. The first includes many, many more options - but some are meant for adult readers. They may be too long for the time you have to complete this project, or for some of you, a bit above your reading level.

However, you are welcome to look and select from the list if you choose to do so:

The second list is of novels meant for "young adults," but it has far less options:

Here is a list specifically designed with middle school students in mind:

Some of my favorite Civil War novels are by Ann Rinaldi. Her novels that are set during the time period are: "The Last Silk Dress," "Girl In Blue," "In My Father's House," "Mine Eyes Have Seen," and "Amelia's War."

2) Read the book :)

3) You need to turn in TWO things.
Thing1) The first is a summary of the book - you need to show that you read it, and present what happened in the book. YOU choose how you want to do this. What will your final product be? A written "book report?" A Power Point presentation? An oral presentation? Use your imagination - but again, get your idea approved by Ms. Michalak before you start working on it!

Thing2) Write a 5-8 sentence critique of the book, to be read by a middle school teacher. Your critique should focus on answering these two questions (it is *not* a summary of the book): Should this book be used as part of a middle school curriculum about the American Civil War? Could this book be helpful for a middle school learner? Why or why not?

DUE DATE: Monday, May 11th

If you have ANY questions, PLEASE - email, leave a comment here on the blog, or come see me before/after class. I would love to talk with you as you plan, and work on, this extra credit project. Happy reading!

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  1. Dear ms.michalak the book i would like to do my project on is called "Miss Ravenel's Conversion from Secession to Loyalty"this book was on your list from selected items.

    mz.malika sutton