Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6A Test !

Good morning 6A!

I'm writing a new post just so you can practice your posting abilities. Please leave a comment telling me one current event that is interesting to you right now - from your news watching this weekend, the article you chose for the week, or perhaps from our competition.

Make sure to sign your first NAME and last INITIAL only.



  1. Hi ms Michalak

    jessica B

  2. Hello Ms. Michalak ,

    I heard about this boy who confessed that he killed his mom.
    Ebonee o.

  3. Hello Ms. Michalak. I heard about North Korea shooting a rocket into the sky.

    Jessica B.

  4. Hi Ms. Michalak,
    This is me Ebonee again. I am here to tell you about that story of the boy that killed his mom. he had a fight with her and wound up killing her and drove away with her car. That is more information about him killing her.
    Ebonee O.

  5. Thanks for the info on the TEST Ms. Michalak

  6. Dear Ms. Michalak in my article a stampede broke out and 22 people were killed and 132 were wounded this is just another immature thing some people do and they didn't even stop to think about it they just did it and ended up killing 22 and hurting 132.
    Barbara Y.

  7. hi this is krystin and more people need to use classzone it's very useful and gives a lot of tips for tests!!
    Krystin W.

  8. hi um.. see u in class ms. michalak

    -megan z.

  9. hi. the most interesting article to me was the Obamas trip to Europe for 8 days.

    Tia King

  10. Hi Ms. Michalak,
    I heard that 3 armed poilce officers got killed in a line of duty. They were in the middle of a dispute. This was the 1st time in 14 years that an armed poilce officer got killed in a line of duty. I guess I won't be seeing you Monday. Michigan State won. That's sad!!!!!

  11. Sorry, that last comment was me, Mariah

    ~Mariah B.

  12. ms. michalak i heard about a guy who went crazy in ny and killed 13 ppl and himself....it was awkward.

    and michigan state won, i wish lee was here so i could rub it in!! :)