Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Terra Novas!

You guys are doing a great job on your Terra Nova tests - keep up the good work, stay focused, get lots of sleep and eat a good breakfast!

Just a few notes for different classes:

6th Grade:
- Keep looking for new sources for your current events. Remember, only foreign events are accepted for 4th quarter. However, keep watching the news! Domestic events will definitely be in our upcoming Newsbowl contest.

7th Grade:
- Try checking out,, and while looking for your current event article. You can also use the Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, or any other major newspaper. (RedEye and Defender are not allowed for this assignment) One extra credit point if you use a paper newspaper rather than an online source. You can get a newspaper from the LRC if you want/need one!

8th Grade:
- See me for an extra credit project. It must be completed by the Monday after Spring Break.

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