Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Homework + Contest Winners

Good Morning Middle Schoolers!

Just a note with this weekend's homework - after yesterday's Science Fair and with many of you being at today's track meet, I wanted to make sure everyone was clear on what they needed to do! If you have any questions, leave a comment or email me at my school account :)

... but before we get to that, CONGRATULATIONS to our top scorers in the National Geography Challenge!
6th Grade: Jessica B
7th Grade: Ryan M
8th Grade: Sam S

And now, this weekend's homework:
6th Grade:
- Ch 13 Review questions need to be done by Monday (Pg 460 #5-12 all, #13-15 choose 2)
- Ch 13 Test is coming up soon (!) so start studying now!

7th Grade:
- Create a sketch of a battlefield map from the Civil War (doesn't matter when/where - you pick!) Use the examples in 16.3 or on to help guide you. You should include at least 3 battles (their locations and who won), troop movements, a title, key, and compass rose. It is just a sketch, and we'll spend some time talking about it and working on it in class next week.
- Ch 15/16 Test will be next week -- start studying now!

8th Grade:
- 29.1 notes are due on Monday

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