Friday, February 25, 2011

Homework and Grade update


Thank you all for your patience as I was out sick - I'm almost caught up on grading papers, and you'll have everything back to you at the beginning of next week. As for this weekend:

6th Grade:
- Current Event due Wednesday
- Current Events quiz will be sometime next week!

7th Grade:
- Finish 12.2 Questions. Email me if you have any questions/need the questions.

8th Grade:
- World War Two from A-Z Books: You need to have a rough draft of your entire book ready to show me on Monday. This means all descriptions should be done, and all pictures should be ready. It does not need to be in final book form yet. See this page for some past examples.

- "Glory" Written Assignment (see assignment description sheet for more information, but this is what is due on Monday):
- Research your three chosen terms (on one piece of looseleaf)
- Compare/Contrast chart of the movie and your research.

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