Tuesday, March 1, 2011

AAS: Simple Outline Format

Good morning!

Your outline analyzing the historical accuracy of the movie "Glory" is due on Thursday. Here is the format your outline should follow:

Outline example:

I. Introductory Sentence
A. Intro topic 1
B. Intro topic 2
C. Intro topic 3
D. Conclusion sentence / transition

II. Topic 1 Intro
A. Detail 1
B. Detail 2
C. Detail 3
D. Conclusion (analysis of comparison) / transition

Repeat for topic/paragraphs 3 and 4

V. Conclusion paragraph
A. Restate Topic 1
B. Restate topic 2
C. Restate Topic 3
D. Conclude w/ your thesis

Please see or email me if you have any questions, and/or refer to your assignment description sheet distributed in class last week.

Make sure you have a complete works cited page, in MLA format, ready to turn in with your outline!

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