Wednesday, January 19, 2011

8th Grade Social Studies - HW for 1/20/11

8th Graders, here are the homework questions for tonight. They are all based on the information in 23.3. Please read the section first, then answer the questions on looseleaf paper - you should be ready to hand them in at the start of class tomorrow!

23.3 Questions: Pushing the Germans Back

1) True or False (and give a fact to verify your answer)
a.More soldiers died than civilians in World War One
b. African American combat units spent little time on the front lines.

2) What was the turning point of the war, and when did it occur?

3) Explain why the battle from #2 can be considered a “turning point.”

4) What happened two days after Germany’s Kaiser stepped down? Describe what that “thing” means.

5) What was the effect of the war and the flu epidemic in terms of human lives lost?

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