Saturday, January 22, 2011

Extra Credit, you say?

This week's Extra Credit Opportunity is available to all students, Middle and High School.

Last month, there was a writing contest about how technology has changed, and continues to change, our lives. This month, there is another contest and a new topic:


If you could spend a day with anyone alive or dead, real, fictional or imaginary…

Who would you pick?
What would you do with them?
When would you meet: in the past, present or future?
Where would you meet them?
Why would you pick them?

Tell us in 100 words or less, and you may win $100 in TweenTribune's second 100-word essay contest.

Be careful - you only have 100 words!

Check out some of the last contest's winners: here

And take a look at some of the entries that have already been posted for this contest: here

* IMPORTANT! Do NOT enter your contest entry directly to the website - you need to email me your entry and I will enter the best of the best into the contest.

If you have ANY questions, look at the contest website first, then email me. Good luck, and be creative!

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